Commercial Painters Lima OH

Commercial Painters Lima OH

You might be confused about why a painting company advertises its services as both residential and commercial painting. You would think that both painting services have the same steps of application and do not require technical differentiation. The painting industry makes a distinction between the two professions for several reasons.

Commercial painting is a more significant and more serious version of residential painting. Do not hire a residential painter to paint your office because they will not have the same work model and professionalism.

Difference between residential and commercial painters in Lima OH


Residential contractors rely solely on residential painting projects, whereas commercial painters have enough experience of working on multiple projects. This case means that residential painters work best in surfaces like siding and wood. Commercial painters can work on several non-homely surfaces, including stucco, metal, and concrete.

Size of project

A business may often have more space than an average home. A commercial job requires elaborate planning and execution than a residential job. Commercial painting can complete larger-sized projects and have enough materials and equipment for a seamless workflow.


Time is a vital aspect of any painting job. Residential painters work around the usual working hours and rarely encounter robust scheduling services. It is problematic for commercial clients to hire residential painters who will inconvenience their typical work timeline.

The best commercial contractors can fit your schedule. The firms can perform their work at night or during the weekend so that your staff can resume fast enough. Some firms agree to complete their tasks within a given timeframe. Residential painters will usually halt an external painting project when the weather changes. Commercial painting can endure a wide range of disruptions by using specialized tools and resources.


You will likely need to remove the furniture first if you take on the responsibility of painting your office. The same scenario is possible if you hire a residential painter. Commercial painters understand that the office needs to resume its usual business as fast as possible after the paint dries. They may cover up the pieces with waterproof covers to help in speeding up the return to work.

Range of services

Hiring commercial painters in Lima OH who understand why your office needs a variety of services - the business area should have a high appeal to attract and maintain high-end clients. Fitzgerald has power washing services to renew your space and give it a new appearance. We can remove the stains from your deck and fencing to match the newly painted exterior with the entire outdoor space.


Residential painters understand why homeowners stress on the quality of the paint. The opposite case is actual for commercial building owners. The office serves a useful purpose and will often not need the same amount of paint brand quality. Additionally, they should recognize that painting a commercial building requires several paint containers. A commercial painter will balance the budget to find the most conducive paint for a professional look that does not look tacky.


Commercial Painters Lima OH
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